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1805 and 1897: Curepipe (Mauritius)

Monument erected in memory of Lapérouse in 1897 by the Comité des Souvenirs Historiques, at Eau Coulée in Curepipe.

Text of the Monument at Eau Coulée, Curepipe (Mauritius)

Matthew Flinders, during his forced stay on Mauritius (from 1804 to 1810), will pay homage to Lapérouse by visiting his home and garden, which still existed, and will have a commemorative stone erected in his honor.

1989: Curepipe (Mauritius)

Monument erected in memory of Lapérouse in 1989, situated on Mgr Leen Street in the center of Curepipe and inaugurated by M. Alain Decaux, ministre de la Francophonie.

Texte of the 1989 memorial plaque on Mgr Leen Street

A Street in Curepipe

. . . bears the name of Lapérouse

1825: Botany Bay (Australia)

A column was raised here bearing the following inscription:
This place visited by Mr de la Perouse in the year MDCCLXXVIII is the last whence an account of him have been received.

Erected in the name of France by MM. de Bougainville and Ducampier commanding the frigate La Thetys and the Corvette l’Esperance lying in Port Jackson in MDLCCCXV

1828: Vanikoro (Soloman Islands)

Cenotaphe erected at Vanikoro, in Manevaï Bay, by the Dumont d’Urville expedition. It collapsed in 1923 but was restored by Capitain Gaspard. In 2005, it underwent a complete reconstruction on the occasion of a joint expedition of the Marine Nationale and the Association Salomon.

1853: Albi (France)

Inauguration of a large bronze statue of Lapérouse, framed by the first anchors recovered from Vanikoro.
At Albi, two plaques recall, first, the birthplace of Lapérouse (château du Gô) and, second, the site of the house on rue Toulouse-Lautrec acquired by the navigator before his marriage.

1887: Maouna (Samoan Islands)

Mémorial de Maouna

Memorial erected in 1883 by the Marine Nationale in memory of ship’s captain de Langle and his companions, killed here in September 1787. The monument was recently restored by the New Caledonians with American cooperation.

1947: Monterey (USA)

Stele at the entrance of San Carlos de Borromeo church in Carmel. On the plaque is written (in both English and French): “In memory of the arrival at Monterey on September 14, 1786, of the explorer Comte de La Perouse, commanding the frigates Boussole and Astrolabe. This constitutes the first official visit of a European power to the Spanish establishments on a then mysterious coast. In this chapel of the Carmel mission, Father Lasuen in honor of the event celebrated a te deum mass on September 16, 1786. This plaque was presented by the government of the French Republic.”
Clint Eastwood, then mayor of Carmel, in 1986, on the occasion of the bicentennial of the passage of Lapérouse.

1952: Prince of Wales Fort, Hudson Bay (Canada)

Memorial plaque mentioning the capture of the fort by Lapérouse; placed on site by the Historical Sites and Monuments Board of Canada.

1959: Vanikoro

Monument erected at Palou during the stay of MM. Discombe, Barley, and Theodore and the passage of Haroun Tazieff.

1985: Lituya Bay (Alaska-USA)

Lituya Bay

The plaque placed in 1981 on Cenotaphe Island has since disappeared.

1860: Petropavlovsk ( Kamtchatka - Russia)

Monument, still well maintained, in memory of the passage of the Lapérouse expedition in 1787, with this short inscription: Memory of La Perouse 1787, initiative of Russian Dr. Dypowfry.


2006 (May): Monument on Sakhalin Island, Langle Bay (Russia) at Tomari-Penzenskoye

Monument erected jointly by the Association Lapérouse Albi-France, represented by Jacques Bodin, and by the Russian authorities. A bas-relief in bronze is found in the museum of the regional capital.|

2007 (October): Monument at Cape Soya on La Pérouse Strait (Japan)

Monument erected facing La Pérouse Strait, erected through the initiative of Jacques Bodin and Shunzo Tagami by the Association Lapérouse Albi-France and the city of Wakkanaï (Japan).

2007: Tomb of Éléonore Broudou, wife of Lapérouse, at Père-Lachaise, Paris

A descendant of Lapérouse, Marie-Christine Pestel, in front of the tomb of Éléonore at Père-Lachaise cemetery, Paris.

2008: Lituya Bay Plaque Project (Baie des Français)

Twenty-one sailors perished here on 13 July 1786. Monsieur de Lamanon composed the following inscription, which he will bury in a bottle at the foot of the cenotaph: “A l’entrée du port ont peri vingt et un braves marins. Qui que vous soyez, mêlez vos larmes aux nôtres.” [At the entrance of this port twenty-one brave sailors perished. Whoever you are, blend your tears with ours.]

A new plaque, made by the Association Lapérouse Albi-France, is to be installed somewhere in southern Alaska in 2009, pending the approval of the U.S. authorities, with the following inscription: “In memory of 6 officers, 4 sailors, and 11 soldiers from the ships La Boussole and L’Astrolabe of the La Perouse expedition. They perished on July 13th, 1786 when charting the entrance of the bay,” and “A l’entrée du port ont péri vingt et un marins. Qui que vous soyez mêlez vos larmes aux nôtres.”

1986 (October) Monument erected at Ternay (Far Eastern Russia)

Financed entirely by the community of Terneï (Russian spelling of the name Lapérouse gave the site in honor of M. de Ternay). De Ternay, a naval officer, was at various times a mentor to the young Lapérouse.

De Ternay died at Newport, Rhode Island, during the War of Independence of the United States.

1988- Paris

Monument erected in edge of the Seine. Inscription: " big sailor and explorer of the Pacific. Offered by Australia to the City of Parisand to the people of France."

2007 - Rouen (France)

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