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date Year Events
1 August 1785 Departure fort Brest
13-16 August Call at Madeira
18 August Sighting of the Savage Islands
19-30 August Call at Tenerife
29 September Crossing of the equator
16 October Sighting of the Martim Vaz Islands
17-18 October Call at Trindade Island
6 November Arrival at Santa Catarina Island (Brazil)
19 november Departure from Santa Catarina
21 January1786 Sighting of Patagonia
25 January Crossing of Le Maire Strait ( Argentina)
22 February Sighting of Mocha Island (Chile)
24 February Call at Talcahuna (Chile)
17 MarchDeparture from Chile
8 April Sighting of Easter Island
9 - 10 AprilCall at Easter Island
28 April Second crossing of the Equator
28 May Sighting of the island of Hawaii
28-31 MayCharting of Sandwich Island Group
23 June Arrival at the northwest coast of America and
the beginning of the charting of this coastline
3 JulyCall at Liyuya Bay ( Alaska)
13 July Loss of 21 staff and crew members at Lituya Bay
30 July Departure from Lituya Bay Continuation of the charting of the coast
14 SeptemberSighting of Monterey (California)
15-24 SeptemberCall at Monterey
25 september- 2 JanuaryEast-West crossing of the Pacific Ocean
4 November Discovery of Necker Island
6 November Discovery of Basses des Frégates Françaises
14 December Brief call at Asunción (Mariana Islands)
28 DecemberSighting of the Bashi Islands
2 January1787 Sighting of the coast of China
3 January Call at Macao
5 February Departure from Macao
15 February Sighting of Luzon Island (Philippines)
21-23 February Call at Marivelle Island
28 February Arrival at Cavite, port of Manila
10 April Departure from Cavite
21 April Sighting of the island of Formosa
30 April Sighting of the Pescadores Islands
1 May - 9 August Charting of the coasts of Korea, Tatary and Sakhalin Island
21 May Sighting of Quelpart Island
27-29 May Sighting and Charting of Dagelet Island
23-27 June Call at Ternay Bay, Tartary Coast
4-5 July Call at Suffren Bay, Tartary Coast
12-14 July Call at de Langle Bay, Sakhalin Island
19-20 JulyCall at d’Estaing Bay, Tartary Coast
28 July-2 August Call at de Castries Bay, Tartary Coast
10 August Discovery of Monneron Island
11 AugustDiscovery of cape Crillon and Laperouse passage
20 August Beggining of the charting of the Kuril Islands
30 August Departure from the Kuril Chain via Boussole
6 SeptemberSighting of Avatscha Bay
7-30 SeptemberCall at Petropavlovsk Kamtchatka
1 October- 6 DecemberCrossing approximately east and north-south of the Pacific Ocean and search for various non-existent islands
21 November Third crossing of the Equator
6 December Arrival at the Samoan Islands
9-14 DecemberCall at Tutuila (Samoa)
11 December Massacre of de Langle and 11 members of the expedition
20-23 December Charting of Cocos and Traitor’s Islands
27 December Sighting of Vava’u (Tonga Islands)
27-31 December Charting of islands in the Tonga group
2-5 January1788 Charting of Pylstart Island
13-14 January Charting of Norfolk Island
23 January Sighting of the Australian coast
26 January-10 March Call at Botany Bay (Australia)
19 March Departure from Botany Bay
15-30 April Charting of the Tonga group (estimated period)
1-15 May Charting of part of New Caledonia (estmated period)
June Period during which the shipwreck at Vanikoro could have occured