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Our association has as its goals to

Encourage and coordinate studies and activities devoted to the navigator Jean-François de Galaup de Lapérouse, born in Albi in 1741.

Act within the framework of maritime history in general and of mariners from the region in particular, through oral, written, and audiovisual activities.

Cooperate with the Albi city government to validate the Musée Lapérouse by virtue of its permanent collections and temporary exhibits. This plan of action can be expanded to other aspects of the management of the museum by agreement between the City of Albi and the Association Lapérouse, and subject to the projected need and availability of funding.

Maintain relations between Albi and the countries Lapérouse visited and to perpetuate the toponomy bequeathed by this Albigeois navigator and to highlight the monuments erected to his memory.

Present Composition of the Board of the Association

President: Henry Féral
Honorary president: Pierre Bérard
Vice-presidents: Marie-Christine Pestel
Honorary vice-president: Henri Bru
Secretary: Henri Colombié
Deputy secretary: Pierre Vaute
Treasurer: Christiane Durand
Deputy treasurer: Marielle Millois
Members of the Administrative Council:
Sege Eychenne- Bernard Jimenez

Why Become a Member of the Association?

To become actively involved in one of the greatest maritime and scientific adventures of the 18th century.
To promote the objectives of the association, to stay informed about its activities and, especially, to keep abreast of current research on Lapérouse.
To be invited to attend museum events (exhibits, receptions, etc.).
To lend one’s time and talent, if so desired, to further the goals of the association.
To receive, every three months, the Journal de Bord, an information and communication bulletin sent to all members

How to Join?

To join, simply send dues for the current year in the amount of 18 € (23€ for a couple—30€ for a legal entity) to the secretariat, indicating your exact name and address.

Are Sponsorships Possible?

Private or corporate sponsorships help to increase the museum’s endowment and to provide funds for the acquisition of books and objects to perpetuate the memory of Lapérouse, especially in the countries he visited during his voyage of exploration.

Since the association is set up to receive gifts, each donor will be given a receipt for tax purposes.

The gift of objects that are directly relevant to the life or the achievements of the navigator can also be used to enrich the collections on public display.|

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Sunday 4 January 2009
The Lapérouse Albi France association, has for objective to encourage and to coordinate the activities and the studies dedicated to the sailor(browser).
This site has for vocation to inform demonstrations(appearances) and exhibitions(exposures) dedicated to Lapérouse, but also to present:
Jean-François Galaup de Lapérouse, the man, the sailor - The Lapérouse museum Finally, the site gives a space privileged to the members of the association, and formless regularly of its activity.
Good (...)

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